An experienced full stack developer who’s equally comfortable developing on the frontend or backend, collaborating with others on design and strategies, discussing solutions with clients, and deploying products. When I’m not actively engaged in projects I’m refining my development process. I’m seeking out a role where my experience and existing skills can make a direct contribution as quickly as possible, but also provides me with new challenges to continue to grow as a developer. I’m looking forward to working with talented individuals across the entire stack where I hope to be as inspirational to them as they surely will be to me.


Breakstation Creative / Director of Web Development
February 2013 - Present, Nashville, TN

  • Work with team members and clients on multiple web based projects across the entire stack.
  • Develop build tools, libraries, and deployment strategies.
  • Hold peer code reviews and approve pull requests.
  • Write training documentation for team members and clients.
  • Create, track, and maintain project budgets.
  • Manage incoming support requests from new and existing clients.
  • Design and implement internal communication, billing, and client management best practices.
  • Configure, deploy, and maintain web servers and database servers.
  • Domain name, DNS, and SSL configuration and management.

The Local Collaborative / Co-founder and CTO
April 2015 - Present, Nashville, TN

  • Design, develop, deploy, and maintain all aspects of the platforms stack.
  • Co-manage business strategies and goals.
  • Strategize and develop various marketing campaigns.
  • Help develop and maintain strategic partnerships with suppliers and other interest groups.
  • Consultant for the Center for Profitable Agriculture of the University of Tennessee on development of E-commerce workshops for local farmers using direct marketing strategies.
  • Present the platforms concepts, goals, and strategies to students and faculty at Vanderbilt University's Owen Graduate School of Management.

Benchmarc Restaurants / Operations & IT Manager
January 2010 - August 2012, New York, NY

  • Provide mixed platform hardware and software support for multiple restaurants and the corporate office.
  • Create internal reporting, scheduling, and accounting applications and websites.
  • Programming and training of Point of Sale systems, and maintain PCI compliance requirements.
  • Liaison between corporate office and store managers and assisted.
  • Member of special projects focused on new hire orientation, reconciling tip pools, and continued employee training as well as discovery of additional revenue opportunities.
  • Managed local and offsite data backup solutions.
  • Consultant on the functionality of the Breadcrumb POS system and for Treatful (now part of Open Table) on Aloha POS integration.


Web Development
HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (ES2015), PHP, MYSQL, DNS, HTTP, HTTP2, Apache, NGINX, SSL, Ajax, Analytics, JSON, REST, MVC, E-commerce, WAI-ARIA, Responsive Design

Dev Tools
Git, NPM, Composer, Yarn, BrowserSync, PostCSS, Cssnext, Sass, Browserify, Rollup, Vagrant, Gulp, Node.js, Electron, BrowserStack, Babel, Buble

Frameworks and Libraries
Vue.js, jQuery, Bootstrap, Foundation, Wordpress, Laravel, Google Maps API, Leaflet, Handlebars, Lodash, Velocity.js, AWS SDK for PHP, AWS SDK for Javascript in the Browser, Mailgun

AWS EC2, AWS RDS (MySQL), AWS Route 53, AWS S3, AWS CloudFront, Digital Ocean, CloudFlare, Plesk, cPanel, Let's Encrypt

Java, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Photography, GitBook, Markdown, Documentation, rsync, Linux, apt, yum, Project Management, Teaching, Progressive/Universal Mobile Apps, AngularJS, PCI Compliance


Bismarck State College / Associate of Arts and Science
August 2005 - December 2007, Bismarck, ND

University of Illinois Springfield / Bachelor of Computer Science
August 2014 - December 2017, Off Campus


Google Partners / Mobile Sites
April 2017 - April 2018

Google Partners / Analytics
April 2017 - October 2018

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