The global reach and ubiquity of E-commerce makes it a cornerstone of the modern web, so it's only fitting that every developer spend time understanding it's concepts. I've helped maintain and build on current platforms, and in a wave of entrepreneurship I even founded a company that leverages E-commerce as one of it's core services.

The Local Collaborative

As Co-founder and CTO of The Local Collaborative I designed, developed, and deployed all aspects of the current platform. Still in it's early stages, with many growing pains, rapid development and an ability to adapt to market changes has been important. This project has been incredibly challenging as I'm not just focused on development, but also growth, marketing, and funding.

My partner and I started this project as she was finishing her MBA, and our first work on the concept continuously had us seeking funding to create the vision. The experience of pitching an idea to potential investors has been nerve-racking, but extremely rewarding. Despite some setbacks while attempting to secure funding, we've persevered, by simply saying we have the skill set let's just build it, and that's exactly what we did. At the minimal cost of some AWS services and our time, we created the product and found some small successes in both consumer and B2B markets as we continue to refine it.

PostCSS, cssnext, JavaScript, UI, Design, Theming, PHP, WordPress, Bedrock, WordPoser, WooCommerce, Responsive, AWS S3, AWS EC2, AWS RDS, AWS Route 53

Missingink Shop

From merchandise design to fulfillment, Missingink does it all for it's clients. I've worked on the maintenance and feature development of this E-commerce platform, with the biggest improvement being the development of a JavaScript library that can easily display a store from Missingink on any website.

Within the first week of being introduced to this existing project I found myself in what you might aptly call a "pickle". With the only other developer familiar with the project being on vacation I found myself adapting much of the application to be compatible with changes from php 5.2 to 5.4 after it's hosting provider automatically updated it without any option to roll it back. The experience was invaluable, and in hindsight I might just deploy a server with my requirements to AWS and make a DNS update in the future.

PHP, Drupal, UberCart, JavaScript, Bootstrap

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